Kids Space is Google’s kid-friendly mode for Android tablets

(mylifeunlock) – Google has announced Kids Space. It’s a new mode for Android tablets that’s entirely kid-friendly and complete with parental controls.

Arriving first on Lenovo’s new Tab M10 HD Gen 2, Kids Space will come to more devices in the future. It’s designed to help Android tablets compete with other devices built specifically for children, such as Amazon’s Fire HD Kids Edition. Lenovo noted, however, that tablets in families are usually shared among many household members, so having a normal tablet that can enter a kids’ mode is perhaps more useful than a kids’ tablet itself.

As a result, Lenovo is pitching the Tab M10 HD Gen 2 as a tablet for families to share, as you can create separate profiles for each household member. With Kids Space, which is meant for kids under age nine, children can easily navigate a colourful interface to access a safe library of apps, games, videos, and books, which Google described as “enriching, high-quality, and trustworthy” content.

Content can be sorted by topic, whether it’s by animals or homework help. There are also tabs called Make, Play, Read, and Watch for further filtering when navigating. Kinds can create an avatar for themselves, too, while parents can add additional apps through the Google Play Store.

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Kids Space is separate from Google’s Family Link, a parental control app for Android devices that lets you set limits on screen time. Google said parents can use Family Link to manage their kids’ use of Kids Space. “Join us in our journey as we continue to create productive and healthy experiences for kids that adapt to the evolving world and needs of your family,” Google said in a blog.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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