Google now offers an unlocked Pixel 4a 5G in white in the US

(mylifeunlock) – Google has released an unlocked Pixel 4a 5G in “Clearly White”. Previously, an unlocked model had only been available in black. The company did launch a white Pixel 4a 5G last autumn, but it was exclusive to Verizon and more expensive as it supports millimeter-wave 5G (mmWave 5G). Google’s new white, unlocked Pixel 4A 5G is a standard version, however, which costs $499. On retailers such as B&H Photo, it’s marked as a new release. Google has also confirmed it’s new and that it will begin shipping from 28 January 2021. In terms of design, it’s exactly the same as Verizon’s mmWave 5G version, complete with a mint green power button. It’s also a 5G device still, but you’re getting sub-6 5G. So, here’s what the pricing tree looks like for Pixel 4a 5G: Pixel 4A 5G UW Just Black/black (with millimeter-wave 5G), Verizon exclusive for  $599 Clearly White/white (with millimeter-wave 5G), Verizon exclusive for $599 Pixel 4A 5G Just Black/black (with sub-6 5G), unlocked for $499 Clearly White/white (with sub-6 5G), unlocked $499 SQUIRREL_2709684 Keep in mind that an unlocked device means you can use it with any wireless carrier in the US, so you’re not limited to Verizon. Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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