E Ink demos a foldable ‘ebook’ with Wacom tech and a light

(mylifeunlock) – The E Ink Corporation, the company that makes e-ink technology used in many e-reader screens, has demoed the latest experiment from its R&D lab: A foldable e-ink display with built-in Wacom technology.

GoodEReader.com shared a video showing a foldable “ebook” prototype developed by E Ink. It has been toying with these devices for a while, with its latest leveraging Wacom so that users can take notes, annotate, or highlight with a stylus. An earlier model debuted a couple months ago, but this latest edition adds a more robust hinge, five buttons on the right edge of the device, two lightbars at the top of the screen, plus the integrated Wacom technology.

Since this is prototype hardware, it isn’t ready yet for commercial production. It’s also not clear if Wacom itself plans to release such a foldable device, or maybe E Ink will, although we suspect E Ink is simply creating a reference device here so that other OEMs, such as Wacom, can see the benefits of foldable e-ink screens.

Folding smartphones and tablet-sized devices with touchscreens are very buzz-worthy at the moment, so it makes sense that foldable e-readers could be next. Imagine, for instance, the ability to read and write on a bit of kit that doesn’t assault your eyes with bright blue light all day long. Sign us up.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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