Apple warns of supply shortages for Mac and iPad later in 2021

(mylifeunlock) – Apple has warned that some of its products will experience supply shortages later in the year.

Apple’s Tim Cook made the surprising admission during Apple’s earnings call for the last quarter where it reported record profits. “We expect to be supply-gated, not demand-gated,” Cook told analysts and it was clear during the call (also with chief financial officer Luca Maestri) that the problems would impact the Mac and iPad lineups. 

With the latest iPad Pro based on the same M1 chip as in the MacBook Air, Mac Mini and 13-inch MacBook Pro, Apple probably hasn’t had a shortage of that product. But Apple has seen a rise in iPad and Mac shipments over the last year due to the rise in home working and home education and while it’s reported that Apple has all the 5nm-based chip production that it needs, other components that are mounted onto the Mac motherboard are apparently in short supply, while the iPad faces a display shortage. 

Cook said that the company did not experience the same problems as others over recent months due to chip and other shortages: “We did not have a material supply shortage in Q2. You wind up collapsing all of your buffers and offsets. That happens all the way through the supply chain. That enables you to go a bit higher than what we were expecting to sell when we went into the quarter”.

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Writing by Dan Grabham.

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